Adobe After Effects Basic to Essentials Training Course

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During this comprehensive course, we will cover the following topics to make sure u have a good learning experience with adobe after effects:

  1. Planning the workflow and organizing assets for After Effects projects.
  2. Creative project development for engaging visuals.
  3. Preparing image and video assets using Photoshop.
  4. Working with Projects and compositions in After Effects.
  5. Animating transformations on image, video, and text layers.
  6. Applying and animating a variety of effects.
  7. Utilizing masks for creative effects.
  8. Animating text elements.
  9. Exploring 3D settings in After Effects (XYZ controls).
  10. Mastering keying and compositing techniques.
  11. Understanding export settings and backing up and archiving projects.

Learning Objectives: By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Plan, prepare, and organize assets for After Effects projects.
  2. Create projects, compositions, and import assets in After Effects.
  3. Apply and animate 2D and 3D transformations to image, video, and text layers.
  4. Utilize a range of effects to enhance your visuals.
  5. Create and animate masks for creative compositing.
  6. Utilize virtual cameras for dynamic animations.
  7. Render, back up, and archive your completed projects.

Course Level and Prerequisites: This course is designed for beginners who are comfortable with a fast-paced learning environment. Basic computer proficiency, including file navigation and management, is required. Prior experience with video editing or other Adobe Creative Suite software is beneficial but not mandatory. Simple reading, verbal comprehension, and basic numerical skills are expected.

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