Adobe Illustrator Basic to Intermediate Training Course


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Completing an Adobe Illustrator Basic to Intermediate Training Course can provide you with a variety of outcomes, including:

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator: You will learn about the basic tools and features of Adobe Illustrator, including how to navigate the interface, create new documents, and use the various drawing tools to create shapes, lines, and curves.
  2. Creating and editing vector graphics: You will learn how to create and edit vector graphics using Illustrator’s various tools and features, including how to manipulate paths and shapes, apply colors and gradients, and use layers and groups to organize your artwork.
  3. Working with typography: You will learn how to work with text in Illustrator, including how to create and edit text objects, apply text formatting and styles, and use text on a path to create interesting effects.
  4. Using advanced drawing and transformation tools: You will learn how to use more advanced drawing and transformation tools in Illustrator, including how to create custom shapes and patterns, use the Shape Builder tool, and apply perspective and distortions to your artwork.
  5. Creating and editing graphics for print and web: You will learn how to create and edit graphics for print and web, including how to use Illustrator’s various export options to output your work in various formats and resolutions.
  6. Using third-party tools and plugins: You will learn how to use third-party tools and plugins to enhance your workflow and extend Illustrator’s capabilities, including how to use Adobe Creative Cloud libraries and Adobe Stock to find and use pre-made assets and designs.

Adobe Illustrator Basic to Intermediate Training Course can provide you with a solid foundation in the software, allowing you to create professional-quality vector graphics for a variety of applications. This course can also help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to explore more advanced features and techniques in Illustrator as you continue to develop your skills.

Training Method:
 One to One.

Training Duration: 6 hours.

Days: We are open to booking this 1-2-1 course anytime from Monday to Saturday 9 am to 7 pm.

Example: You can choose 2 days and complete 6 hours over 2 days in 3 hours sessions or 3 days or spread over more days of your choice.

Training Duration: 6 hours
Time and day can be chosen by students if we have available slots. Our Business hours are from 09:00 am to 7:00 pm (Monday to Sunday).

Price for Companies: £190 (Plus a 20% VAT) = £ 228 inc VAT

Price for Students and self-financed: £175. 

What will you be able to do after this training: After completing this training you will be able to use Adobe Illustrator and you will have command over the text, color, shapes, and images and you will know how to arrange and publish your work.


  1. One to One training.
  2. Choose your own time and day.
  3. Free online support after the course.
  4. PDF notes and handouts.
  5. Certificate of attendance.Software Download Link.

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