AutoCAD Mac Basics to Advanced Level Training Course

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AutoCAD for Mac Essentials Course:

Learn AutoCAD for Mac and master its popular functionalities, tailored for Mac users.

Course Highlights:

  1. Thorough grounding for beginners in using AutoCAD for Mac.
  2. Develop the skills to create precise and high-quality 2D layouts and designs.
  3. Generic drawing techniques applicable to all industries.
  4. In-class or live online options available.
  5. Ideal for newcomers to AutoCAD for Mac, self-taught users, and those transitioning from other CAD tools.

Autodesk Certified Training:

  1. Autocad 1-2-1 training courses.
  2. Expert trainers with extensive experience in AutoCAD and various CAD applications.

Hands-On Learning:

  1. Practical and hands-on training with demonstrations and step-by-step techniques.
  2. Ample time for questions and practice.
  3. Course delegates receive a practical training guide and an e-certificate upon successful completion.

Support and Prerequisites:

  1. Lifetime post-course email support.
  2. Good working knowledge of the Mac OS required, no prior CAD experience needed.
  3. Preparation and familiarization guidelines provided to ensure a smooth learning experience.

Version and Flexibility:

  1. Training based on AutoCAD for Mac.
  2. Relevant for users of AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac, version 2016 and later.

Guarantees and On-Request Training:

  1. Best value for money with our price guarantee.
  2. Ensured learning of essential concepts and skills with our training guarantee.
  3. On-request AutoCAD for Mac Essentials training available for tailored on specific needs one to one. 

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