BA (Hons) Illustration

Arts University Plymouth

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BA (Hons) Illustration Degree Program

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of illustration, where the power of imagery takes people on transformative journeys. Our BA (Hons) Illustration course is tailored to enhance your skills, expand your creative abilities, and boost your confidence as an illustrator.

Discover the diverse realm of drawing and image-making, exploring various mediums such as magazine and book illustration, editorial and commercial projects, collage, mixed media, comics, and graphic novels.

Through this program, you will unleash your artistic potential by sketching, drawing, and crafting captivating visual narratives. You will learn to interpret briefs, experiment with different approaches, and effectively communicate your ideas using your unique visual language. As you delve into the world of illustration, you will become a proficient problem solver, adept at generating innovative concepts, conducting visual research, and showcasing your creativity across various illustrative contexts.

Throughout your studies, you will be challenged to push the boundaries of traditional and digital illustration. With the guidance and support of our dedicated tutors, you will have the freedom to work independently, equipping you with the skills and mindset required to thrive in the dynamic field of visual creativity.

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