Business Management Level 4

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The Business Management Level 4 course delves deep into the knowledge of business and management, offering an equivalent learning experience to the first year of an undergraduate degree. Throughout the course, you will acquire a variety of essential communication skills, develop an understanding of the marketing mix, explore management theories and models, and much more. This course is perfect for:

  1. Students aiming to enhance their business management skills.
  2. Learners who intend to pursue further education at the university level.
  3. Individuals aspiring to work in or advance their careers in business management.

By completing this course, you will gain skills and knowledge equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree, all at your preferred pace. Join the community of [past_students_count] other students who have chosen to improve their education and enhance their employability through distance learning. What’s next? After successfully finishing this course, you will have the opportunity to continue your journey in business management. If you wish to further expand your business knowledge, explore our other available business courses. Potential future career options include:

  1. Business manager
  2. Administrative manager
  3. Operations manager

The awarding body, Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE), has been a globally recognized organization since 2011. It is regulated by Ofqual and various UK and international regulators. ATHE offers a wide range of vocational qualifications in business management, accounting, law, computing, and healthcare, ranging from levels 3 to 7. ATHE qualifications are approved as progression pathways to relevant Bachelor’s and Master’s Top Up degrees by 25 UK and international universities.

Course Content: ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Management qualification 600/4378/7

Module 1: Developing personal skills Gain an understanding of essential personal skills in the business world and their significance.

Module 2: Effective communication Acquire a range of crucial communication skills and comprehend their application in different business contexts.

Module 3: The business environment Explore external factors that can impact a business, including economics, internal dimensions, nature, and competition.

Module 4: The marketing mix Develop an understanding of the marketing mix and its utilization in the business planning process.

Module 5: Strategic HRM Recognize employees as a business’s most valuable asset and learn effective recruitment, reward, and optimization strategies.

Module 6: Ethical management Examine management theories and models in various contexts, focusing on ethical considerations.

Module 7: Culture and the organization Explore the importance of organizational culture and its variations across different entities.

Module 8: Customers and customer service Recognize the significance of customers as a business’s most valuable asset and discover strategies for recruitment, reward, and satisfaction.

Module 9: Fundamentals of accounting Comprehend the basics of accounting and its effective utilization in gaining valuable insights into an organization’s health and status.

Module 10: Financial management and control Evaluate the impact of sound financial decision-making on a business and understand the consequences of poor financial management.

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