Certificate in Ship Repair Contracts

Lloyds Maritime Academy

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Maritime organizations can face significant financial consequences when ship repair contracts are not properly managed. This distance training course offers professionals in ship repair contract management an essential overview of how to effectively handle these contracts, which govern the process of ship repairs.

Given that repairs are an integral part of ship ownership, it is crucial to coordinate and execute them seamlessly, particularly in cases of unexpected damages. Through a practical and interactive approach, this course empowers participants to optimize the efficiency and value of their repair contracts. By the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

  1. Assess their current business processes.
  2. Identify key individuals and stakeholders involved in the repair contracts.
  3. Determine the repair requirements and propose appropriate measures.
  4. Comprehend the terminology used in ship repair contracts.
  5. Incorporate critical requirements into each contract.
  6. Negotiate and finalize a contract.
  7. Effectively manage the performance of a contract.
  8. Prevent, manage, alleviate, and resolve disputes that may arise.

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