Change Management and Organisational Development

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This course is designed for individuals in managerial roles or those aspiring to be leaders in their organizations. It is also suitable for professionals who are responsible for overseeing and evaluating the work of staff members and facilitating their ongoing development.

The course covers essential topics related to leadership, including effective planning, organizing, and monitoring activities within a unit or department. Participants will gain valuable insights into enhancing staff performance and fostering their professional growth.

By attending this course, managers and officials will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead their teams, ensuring optimal performance and continuous improvement. They will learn strategies for effective planning, goal-setting, and resource allocation, as well as techniques for motivating and engaging employees.

The course offers a comprehensive understanding of leadership principles and provides practical tools and techniques that can be immediately applied in real-world scenarios. Participants will develop the confidence and competence to excel in their leadership roles, driving organizational success and achieving their professional goals.

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