Computer Science 101


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Introduction to Computer Science Discover the fundamentals of Computer Science through our course, Introduction to Computer Science. This self-paced program is designed for individuals with no prior experience in the field. While computers might seem complex, they operate based on a few fundamental patterns. Our course aims to demystify these patterns and present them in an accessible manner, catering to today’s computer users.

In this course, participants will engage in hands-on activities, experimenting with concise segments of “computer code” to unveil the capabilities and constraints of computing systems. The entire learning experience takes place within your web browser, eliminating the need for additional downloads or installations. Introduction to Computer Science also imparts a comprehensive overview of modern computing, covering topics such as the nature of computers, hardware, software, and the internet.

No prior exposure to computer science is necessary for success in this course. As long as you can navigate a web browser, you have all the skills needed to excel.

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