Contract Management (In-House)

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This Contract Management course will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Contract Management
  • Principles of contract law
  • The nine stages of the contract management lifecycle
  • Developing robust procurement contracts
  • Standard terms and conditions for goods and/or services
  • Special terms and conditions and essential clauses
  • Key concepts in contracts and relevant legal considerations
  • The scope and features of effective contract management
  • Writing specifications
  • Exiting, changing, and migrating contracts
  • Managing contract extensions and permissible price increases
  • Establishing a change control regime
  • The Principles and Process of Contract Negotiation
  • Major negotiation models and processes
  • Negotiating in a buyer/supplier relationship
  • Planning and managing a negotiation with a supplier
  • Identifying and negotiating key contract variables
  • Achieving win-win agreements
  • Contract Risk Assessment and Management Techniques
  • Understanding the various risks that impact contracts
  • Analyzing contract risks
  • Developing strong contracts with a focus on risk mitigation
  • Managing risk throughout the contract duration
  • Managing an exit strategy and mitigating risk in case of contractor failure/default
  • Managing Relationships and Performance
  • The importance of collaboration
  • Key stakeholder management
  • Establishing agreed service levels
  • Enhancing contract performance
  • Managing contract closeout

Reasons to choose London Corporate Training:

  • We have trained over 25,000 delegates from nearly 500 client organizations.
  • Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced, providing a unique tailored learning experience.
  • Our training programs are endorsed by various organizational and subject-specific accrediting bodies.

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