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The Contract Management course encompasses the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Contract Management
  2. Principles of contract law
  3. The nine stages of the contract management lifecycle
  4. Creating strong procurement contracts
  5. Standard terms and conditions for goods and/or services
  6. Special terms and conditions and essential clauses
  7. Key concepts in contracts and associated legal considerations
  8. The scope and features of effective contract management
  9. Specification writing
  10. Exiting, changing, and migrating contracts
  11. Managing contract extensions and allowable price increases
  12. Establishing a change control regime
  13. Principles and process of contract negotiation
  14. Models and processes of negotiation
  15. Negotiating in a purchaser/supplier relationship
  16. Planning and managing a negotiation with a supplier
  17. Identifying and negotiating key contract variables
  18. Reaching a win-win agreement
  19. Contract risk assessment and management techniques
  20. Understanding risks that affect contracts
  21. Contract risk analysis
  22. Developing robust contracts to mitigate risk
  23. Managing risk throughout the contract
  24. Managing an exit strategy and risk mitigation in the event of contractor failure/default
  25. Managing relationships and performance
  26. Importance of collaboration
  27. Key stakeholder management
  28. Setting agreed service levels
  29. Improving contract performance
  30. Managing contract closeout

Reasons to choose London Corporate Training:

  1. Extensive experience: Over 25,000 delegates trained from nearly 500 client organizations.
  2. Highly qualified trainers: Expert trainers with vast experience, providing a tailored learning experience.
  3. Endorsements: Endorsed by various organizational and subject-specific accrediting bodies.

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