Contracts Strategy and Management

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This course on Contracts Strategy and Management emphasizes procurement within the upstream petroleum industry, utilizing various examples, exercises, and case studies from the oil industry to provide practical and realistic experience in procurement and supply chain operations.

By developing an effective procurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategy, you can significantly enhance your company’s performance in measurable ways. This hands-on course teaches you how to implement a “best-practice” model and explores the latest concepts and strategies in procurement for the upstream petroleum industry.

During the course, you will acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Crafting and executing a highly efficient procurement strategy and plan for your organization to decrease overall purchasing costs.
  2. Effectively managing your supply chain to achieve maximum value while minimizing expenses.
  3. Establishing and implementing a best-practice process for contract management and supply chain operations.
  4. Employing innovative methods for contractor selection and tender document preparation.
  5. Determining the most suitable contract type and compensation terms that align with the contract’s objectives.
  6. Developing tender evaluation criteria and effectively assessing tender submissions.
  7. Proactively managing contract risks.

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