Conversational English Skills | English listening and Speaking in Daily Life


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This course focuses on the essential function of language, which is communication. Effective communication involves initiating engaging conversations, answering questions, and naturally concluding discussions. The course features eight carefully selected themes, presented by over 50 teachers from diverse English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Colombia, and China. Through real-life scenarios and authentic expressions, you will explore various aspects of daily life and academic subjects.

The course is divided into eight units, each centered around a specific theme:

  1. Introduction and Personal Information Exchange
  2. Family and Friends
  3. Food and Meals
  4. English Learning Goals and Methods
  5. Holiday Activities and Memorable Experiences
  6. Interests and Hobbies
  7. Expressing Emotions
  8. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Each topic includes multiple dialogue and group discussion sessions, in which native English-speaking teachers share insights into the cultural differences between China and the West. Chinese teachers provide explanations of key vocabulary and sentence patterns. The course also includes listening comprehension exercises and oral assessments. By studying and practicing these materials, you will gain the ability to engage in free-flowing conversations with English-speaking friends and confidently discuss various subjects.

There are multiple ways to approach this course. English learners can accumulate language materials through repeated listening and reading of dialogues, and engage in dialogue exercises with friends or fellow learners. English teachers can select relevant topics from the course to organize listening and speaking training sessions, fostering efficient and engaging classrooms. While you may not comprehend every detail of each conversation initially, you will gradually grasp the main ideas as you progress through the course, experiencing a significant improvement in your English listening and speaking skills.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Hong Kong Weixin Education Fund and Google for their contributions to the development of this course.

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