Crisis Communication

Chartered Institute of Public Relations

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In this one-day course, participants will gain a balanced understanding of both the theory and practice involved in effectively managing issues and crisis situations. The course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to take appropriate actions before, during, and after a major incident. By attending this session, participants will develop the confidence and abilities to serve as strong advocates for their organizations when faced with a crisis that could potentially damage their public reputation.

This comprehensive course builds upon the foundation established in the Handling Media Interviews course and offers practical guidance on effectively managing the media and handling broader aspects of communication during times of crisis. Participants will also learn strategies for developing effective communication plans and ensuring their voices are heard when shaping incident responses.

By completing this course, individuals will be better equipped to navigate and manage crisis situations, protecting their organization’s reputation and effectively communicating with stakeholders and the media. The course provides valuable insights and practical techniques that can be applied in real-world scenarios, empowering participants to handle crisis situations with confidence and effectiveness.

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