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The Python Data Analysis with Pandas and Matplotlib course focuses on the extensive features of two powerful libraries: Pandas for data analysis and manipulation, and Matplotlib for data visualization. The course covers essential topics such as reading, preparing, and manipulating tabular data from various sources and formats. It includes comprehensive coverage of data wrangling and manipulation processes. Additionally, the course covers time series data processing and practical linear regression. The programming environment used is JupyterLab on the Anaconda platform, known as one of the most popular data science platforms.

Approach: The course adopts a hands-on approach, emphasizing learning by doing. Participants are provided with all the necessary resources, including data, and are expected to code along with the instructor. The objective is for participants to reproduce the analysis demonstrated in the course materials while gaining a conceptual understanding of the methods. Exercises and examples are integrated throughout the course to provide practical, hands-on experience with the techniques covered.

Who will the Course Benefit? This course is designed for individuals with Python programming experience who wish to establish a solid foundation in Python’s data analysis libraries. It is particularly beneficial for aspiring Data Analysts and Scientists who want to enhance their skills in data analysis. Additionally, existing Data Analysts seeking a systematic introduction to Python’s data analysis tools will find this course valuable.

Course Objectives: The primary objectives of this course are as follows:

  • Provide participants with in-depth knowledge of Python’s main data analysis and visualization libraries, Pandas and Matplotlib.
  • Enable participants to design and develop enterprise-level data analytics solutions.
  • Equip participants with the skills and understanding necessary to perform data analysis tasks efficiently and effectively using Python’s data analysis tools.

By completing this course, participants will have the expertise to leverage Pandas and Matplotlib for comprehensive data analysis and visualization. They will be equipped to design and implement data analytics solutions in various domains, supporting their organizations’ data-driven decision-making processes.

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