Data Analytics and Visualization Capstone Project


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In this course, students have the unique chance to step into the shoes of an Associate Data Analyst who has just joined an organization. As part of this role, you will apply data analytics skills and techniques to real-world datasets in order to accomplish a specific business objective.

Throughout the course, you will gain valuable hands-on experience in various aspects of data analytics, including data collection, analysis, and preparation. This will involve utilizing the data to create charts and build an interactive dashboard. The culmination of the course will be the presentation of your data analysis report, where you will showcase your ability to craft a compelling narrative for different stakeholders within the organization.

By completing this course, you will not only enhance your data analytics skills but also have tangible evidence of your proficiency that you can showcase to potential employers. It serves as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities in data analytics and make a strong impression in the job market.

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