Data Science Ethics

In this course, we delve into the ethical considerations surrounding data science, recognizing the delicate balance between privacy and benefiting from medical records, fair trials and preventing potential threats, and the use of data-driven algorithms with potential unintended biases. As patients, citizens, and decision-makers, we face these ethical dilemmas, and understanding them is essential.

The course provides a comprehensive framework to analyze and address these concerns, rooted in shared values that guide us to distinguish between right and wrong. While ethics serve as the foundation for laws, they are distinct from them, shaping our moral choices.

Whether you’re a data scientist or not, this course is for everyone, with no previous knowledge required. It opens up essential discussions on ethical data science, helping you become more aware and responsible in the ever-evolving world of data and its impact on society. Join us to gain valuable insights and contribute to an ethically-conscious approach to data science.

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