Digital Marketing and Data Driven Analytics


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This course consists of four weeks of Digital Marketing and Data Driven Analytics, each offering a unique opportunity for students to explore various perspectives on business rationale and innovation aimed at meeting customer expectations.

The course covers the following topics of Digital Marketing and Data Driven Analytics:

  1. Exploring Influencer Marketing and Digital Communication Trends: Students will learn about the evolving landscape of advertising, shifting from professional studios to influencers’ bedrooms. They will analyze the impact of influencer marketing and its role in modern digital communication.
  2. Understanding the Importance of Digital Footprints: Students will delve into the significance of digital footprints for individuals and brands within the digital ecosystem. They will learn how to manage and leverage digital footprints effectively.
  3. Mastering SEO Fundamentals: Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its crucial role in digital strategies. They will learn why search is a fundamental component and explore strategies for optimizing online visibility.
  4. Analyzing the Impact of SEM Alignment: Students will explore Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques and campaigns. They will assess the impact of SEM alignment and its effectiveness in achieving marketing objectives.
  5. Exploring User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX): Students will examine the challenges of meeting customer needs and requirements from a UI/UX perspective. They will learn how to enhance the user experience and design user-friendly interfaces.
  6. Navigating Social Media Platforms: Students will explore various social media platforms and analyze their impact. They will gain insights into the unique characteristics and benefits of each platform.
  7. Embracing Data-Driven Analytics and Big Data: Students will delve deeper into the world of data analysis by exploring data-driven analytics and the impact of big data from social media platforms. They will learn how to extract valuable insights from large datasets.

Throughout the course, students will engage in practical exercises, case studies, and discussions to apply their knowledge of marketing to real-world scenarios. By the end of the course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of various digital marketing aspects and be equipped with practical skills to navigate and excel in the digital ecosystem.

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