Cake Baking and Decorating QLS L3 Cert. Diploma


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The Diploma in Cake Baking and Decorating at QLS Level 3 is designed for people who are passionate about cake baking and decorating. It offers the chance to turn this passion into a rewarding career. The course covers key topics such as cake baking methods, decorating techniques, recipes, and packaging and distribution. This provides a comprehensive understanding of cake baking and decorating.

By completing this course, you will become an expert in cake baking and decorating. Baking is an art that requires precision and dedication, and it can also be therapeutic. The course teaches you how to bake cakes from scratch and make them visually appealing. The cake industry offers many job opportunities, including roles such as cake baker, decorator, pastry chef, stylist, and maker. After qualifying, you may consider starting your own cake baking business, working as an independent cake maker, or joining a large franchise.

The Diploma in Cake Baking and Decorating at QLS Level 3 is endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme. This ensures high-quality training programs that meet defined quality criteria. Completion of the course does not lead to a qualification but can serve as evidence of knowledge and skills gained. The course has been benchmarked at Level 3 against the Quality Licence Scheme’s level descriptors.

Please note that the course is designed to meet specific learner and/or employer requirements that are not satisfied through existing qualifications. The endorsement from the Quality Licence Scheme involves rigorous quality audits. While the course is not regulated by Ofqual and does not lead to an accredited qualification, it may offer recognition of prior learning and provide opportunities for further education.

*Study365 is an approved reselling partner for Quality Licence Scheme courses under Imperial Learning Ltd.

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