Edexcel Multimedia Design, Graphics, Imaging and Animation – Extended Diploma in Art and Design


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Extended Diploma in Art and Design: Multimedia Design, Graphics, Imaging, and Animation by Edexcel

Embark on a dynamic and immersive journey with our two-year full-time course, the Extended Diploma in Art and Design. If you possess a passion for creativity, a drive to excel, and a desire to explore the realms of ideas and imagery, this program is tailored for you. Through the use of photographic cameras and cutting-edge computer imaging software, you will delve into the art of multimedia design, graphics, imaging, and animation. We foster an environment that nurtures your potential and empowers you to acquire exciting new skills.

During this course, you will have the opportunity to engage in a diverse range of creative and commercially-oriented assignments. Our focus is on developing not only technical proficiency but also a keen visual sensibility. We encourage you to embrace current trends and express your ideas in a creative and unique manner. The curriculum encompasses various units, encompassing design and layout methods, image manipulation, 3D modeling and animation, interactive web-based applications, and logo design. Additionally, you will gain valuable work experience by undertaking design projects for external clients.

Our teaching methodology revolves around setting challenges, guiding you through the process, and witnessing your ideas come to life in the form of captivating projects. Your journey will encompass planning, development work, final designs, and insightful reflections on your progress. Your work will be assessed, aiming for pass, merit, or distinction levels, and then we embark on the next exciting endeavor. Throughout the two years, your tutors will provide regular feedback to support your growth. At the end of each year, we celebrate your achievements through student exhibitions.

To enrich your learning experience, we encourage your participation in trips and visits to esteemed venues such as the National Media Museum in Bradford, the Design Museum, and the Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising in London. Upon completion of this diploma, you have the opportunity to progress to university, specializing in animation, graphic design, or web design. Alternatively, you may choose to seek employment with a design agency or embark on a fruitful journey as a freelance designer, independently shaping your creative path.

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