English Literature A Level

Sandwell College

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Immerse yourself in the captivating study of English Literature, a discipline that delves into the intricacies of human existence. This subject invites contemplation on life and death, love and relationships, as well as the concepts of good and evil. Engaging with English Literature will not only enhance your written and verbal communication skills but also foster rigorous thinking, the ability to extract meaning from texts, and the art of constructing compelling arguments. English Literature is a comprehensive qualification that can be pursued either as an AS qualification in your first or second year, or as a full A Level over two years.

Throughout this course, you will explore a total of nine texts, spanning the genres of prose, poetry, and drama, encompassing works from Shakespeare to contemporary writers. The main themes revolve around Love Through The Ages and Modern Times. As you delve into these texts, you will develop critical preferences and support them with evidence and relevant terminology. You will delve into the relationships between texts and their respective contexts, drawing out similarities and differences. Engaging in lively debates with other readers, you will nurture your own well-informed personal responses.

For the AS Level, you will learn how to analyze the ways in which literary techniques create meaning in texts. Your studies will encompass one Shakespeare play, an anthology of poems, and two novels. The examination will assess your understanding of these texts, along with a previously unseen prose extract. For the A Level exams, you will revisit three of your AS texts and additionally study one play, one novel, and one poetry collection. You will be assessed on your comprehension of these texts, as well as on previously unseen prose and poetry. In the coursework component, you will explore one further novel and independently analyze a text of your choosing (in consultation with your teacher). This will culminate in a 2500-word comparative analysis of these texts within their respective contexts.

Assessment for AS Literature consists of two examinations, while A Level Literature involves two comprehensive examinations and one Non-Exam Assessment. Upon completion of this qualification, most students proceed to university studies. Many A Level English Literature students choose to pursue the subject at the degree level, while others opt for degrees in Journalism, Creative Writing, or Media-related fields. The versatility of A Level English Literature makes it an excellent choice for those considering various career paths. It demonstrates your ability to communicate at a high level of competency, which is highly valued in professions such as law, teaching, media, the armed forces, and marketing.

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