Forensic Science: DNA Analysis

Are you eager to explore the fascinating world of forensic science and crime scene investigation? Are you a devoted fan of books, podcasts, and shows featuring true crimes? Whether you are already in law enforcement, aspiring to work in public policy, science, or research, or simply want to understand DNA analysis better, this course is tailor-made for you.

Join the esteemed geneticist expert, Dr. Susan Gurney, as she provides a clear introduction to both genetics and forensic science. This course covers everything from comprehending the different types of DNA to the collection and examination of DNA at crime scenes, offering you a chance to grasp the science of molecular biology and the techniques used by forensic scientists.

Through engaging case studies, you will delve into real-life criminal investigations where biological evidence, genetics, and forensic DNA analysis played pivotal roles in solving cases or exonerating individuals who were wrongly accused.

Beyond the present, you’ll gain insight into the evolving field of genetics and its profound impact on forensic investigations over the years. You’ll also explore how future advancements in genetics might shape both the world of crime and the methods of investigation.

As a Verified Track student, you will enjoy exclusive opportunities to create your own crime scene casebook and participate in webinars with the Tutor. Don’t miss this exciting chance to embark on a journey of discovery into forensic science and DNA analysis. Enroll now!

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