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Certified Welding Technician (Level 2)

Welding is an essential technique for creating strong joints between multiple parts. Certified Welding Technicians utilize high electrical energy to create an arc, requiring precise manual dexterity. This arc melts metals, allowing them to fuse together and form structurally sound welds.

The demand for skilled Certified Welding Technicians is widespread across various industries, including automotive, marine, transportation, fabrication, and construction. These professionals produce critical components for vehicles, ships, rail vehicles, containers, and structural steelwork for bridges, buildings, and gantries. Welding is a safety-critical occupation, and the quality and accuracy of welds directly contribute to the functionality and safety of the finished products, enhancing the overall quality of life.

Highly skilled and professionally certified Certified Welding Technicians have global mobility, with opportunities to work in challenging environments. The financial rewards for these accomplished professionals can be substantial.

Welding encompasses a wide range of complex skills. Different arc welding processes require varying levels of manual dexterity, knowledge, and expertise to ensure defect-free welds. Moreover, different metallic materials exhibit unique properties and behaviors, necessitating specialized knowledge.

Certified Welding Technicians need to possess a questioning attitude, seeking to understand various processes and their industrial applications. They must commit to continuous professional development, staying competent and up-to-date with industry advancements. Accountability is crucial, as they follow specified procedures, maintain quality controls, and take personal responsibility for their production work and professional growth.

This course is designed at Level 2, providing learners with comprehensive training and certification in welding skills.

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