Human Resource Management Advanced Certificate (CIPD Level 7)


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The Level 7 Advanced Certificate in HR Management offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to study at an advanced level (Level 7) in a more time-efficient manner. This certificate is perfect for individuals who have a strategic mindset but can only commit to a one-year course instead of the full two years required for the Diploma.

By completing four out of the eight modules from the Diploma, you will still gain valuable knowledge and skills in HR management. This focused approach allows you to delve deeper into specific areas of interest and relevance to your career. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to top up your qualification at any time by completing the remaining four modules, earning the full Diploma.

The Level 7 Advanced Certificate in HR Management is a versatile qualification that showcases your dedication to professional development and your ability to think strategically. It opens doors to advanced career opportunities and further advancement in the field of HR management.

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