ILM L3 in Coaching and Mentoring (In-House)

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This program, accredited by ILM, focuses on the development of crucial Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership skills and behaviors. It offers participants a comprehensive understanding of coaching and mentoring within an organizational context, as well as the process of effectively coaching or mentoring individuals. The program emphasizes the practical application of coaching and mentoring principles and includes an evaluation of the benefits derived from their implementation.

Throughout the program, participants will gain a deep understanding of coaching and mentoring, exploring their significance and relevance within the organizational setting. They will learn about the key principles and techniques involved in effective coaching and mentoring, and how to apply them in real-world scenarios. The program also emphasizes the importance of evaluating the outcomes and advantages that result from coaching and mentoring initiatives.

By completing this ILM-accredited program, participants will develop the essential skills and knowledge needed to engage in coaching and mentoring practices within their organization. This will not only enhance their leadership capabilities but also contribute to their personal and professional growth.

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