Interpreting Vernacular Architecture in Asia


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This course explores the realm of architecture, focusing not on grand structures like monuments or royal palaces, but rather on the everyday built environment inhabited by ordinary people. Instead of solely examining architectural techniques, we delve into the decision-making processes through which individuals shape their own buildings. To enhance understanding, we employ storytelling as a powerful tool.

Asia serves as the backdrop for our discussions, chosen for its rich heritage, diversity, and the unique complexities its people face amidst rapid economic, social, and cultural transformations.

Throughout the course, we examine the connection between vernacular buildings and cultural identities, drawing upon real-world examples and engaging with experts in the field. By the course’s conclusion, you will attain a fresh perspective on the environment in which you reside—a perspective that may be entirely new to you. You will begin to comprehend and appreciate the value of the ordinary built environment that surrounds you.

Whether you possess a keen interest in architecture or simply care about the quality of your living environment, this course is tailored to meet your needs.

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