Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry


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Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management Searching for a career that remains eternally relevant? Seeking a profession adaptable to global settings? Craving a daily work environment filled with natural beauty, amusement, service, and innovation? Your quest leads to the dynamic realm of Hospitality and Tourism. This is no ordinary industry; it’s a specialized “service sector” that also happens to be the planet’s largest. According to the U.S. Travel Association, in 2018, travelers spent nearly $1.1 trillion in the U.S., contributing a staggering $171 billion in tax revenue to governments at all levels. And that’s just within the United States! The global statistics are even more impressive.

This course acts as your gateway to the vast expanse of the Hospitality and Tourism sector, guiding you along the academic journey essential for securing your slice of this immense and delectable career pie. Opportunities abound in areas like event planning, food services, hotel and resort operations, human resources, tourism management, tour operations, and travel industry marketing. Bon voyage to your exciting new horizons!

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