IT User Skills Level 2 – Free Online Course


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Acquire Crucial User Proficiencies in IT and Attain a Level 2 Certification, at No Cost! In today’s world, having a working understanding of computers and software is indispensable. Through this complimentary course provided by vision2learn, eligible participants can cultivate fundamental skills in computer usage, encompassing word processing, spreadsheet handling, and presentations, without any cost.

Notably, this online course is not only completely flexible but also empowers learners to:

Enhance their employability prospects. Identify and bridge any gaps in their IT skills. Attain a nationally and employer recognized IT certification. With the Level 2 Essential IT Skills qualification, participants can:

Foster practical IT proficiencies. Augment their existing IT knowledge. Acquire novel IT competencies for professional application. Secure a valuable new qualification to bolster their resume.

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