Italian – Lower Intermediate 2 – Module 1

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Italian – Lower Intermediate 2 – Module 1: Conversational Proficiency and Cultural Engagement

Welcome to Module 1 of our Lower Intermediate Italian course! In this module, we will focus on enhancing your ability to navigate various situations that may arise while traveling in an Italian-speaking area. Our goal is to develop your confidence in engaging in unprepared conversations on topics that are familiar, personally interesting, and relevant to everyday life, such as family, hobbies, work, travel, and current events.

Through interactive lessons and immersive activities, you will expand your vocabulary, refine your grammar skills, and improve your pronunciation. Our experienced instructors will guide you in developing conversational proficiency and cultural engagement, enabling you to actively participate in discussions, express your thoughts, and connect with Italian speakers on a deeper level.

We will explore diverse aspects of Italian culture, traditions, and current affairs, providing you with insights into the local way of life. You will have the opportunity to practice your language skills through role-plays, group activities, and real-life scenarios, fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment.

Embrace the beauty of the Italian language and immerse yourself in the rich Italian culture. By the end of this module, you will have the ability to confidently communicate in Italian, navigate everyday situations with ease, and develop a deeper appreciation for the Italian language and its significance in the world.

Prepare yourself for an exciting language journey as we embark on this module together. Get ready to expand your language skills, deepen your cultural understanding, and enjoy meaningful conversations in Italian.

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