JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change


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Welcome to the engaging and transformative program, JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change. Over the course of six modules, you will embark on an enlightening journey of meaningful dialogue and civil discussion.

Our carefully designed system will guide you through each step, starting with an introduction to the course’s deliberative framework. As you progress, you will transition from a traditional jury-based approach to a real-time, live social issue unfolding in Massachusetts: the “Legalization, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana” referendum. Alongside your fellow JuryX peers, you will deliberate on this pressing issue, exploring diverse arguments and shaping the debate.

At the heart of this program lies the question: Can we engage in a civil and productive discussion on topics like marijuana regulation? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Our goal is to foster an environment where communication thrives, enabling you to actively listen, eloquently speak, and artfully persuade, while remaining open to being persuaded by others.

To enhance your experience, we will hold two synchronous small-group online deliberations via Google Hangout. While participation is optional, we highly recommend joining, as these sessions provide valuable opportunities for meaningful interaction and exchange of ideas.

Ultimately, JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change is about understanding the essence of human interactions through effective communication. By actively engaging in this process, you will gain profound insights into both yourself and your peers, developing a deeper understanding of various perspectives and approaches to complex issues.

Join us on this transformative journey, where the art of civil discourse will empower you to make a difference in society while fostering personal growth and understanding.

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