Level 1 Award in Health, Safety and Fire Awareness

First Response Training & Consultancy Services Ltd

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Our goal is to support healthcare support workers and adult social care workers in gaining essential awareness and understanding of key health and safety issues. We recognize the significance of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment in the healthcare and social care sectors.

Through our specialized training program, we will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and insights into important health and safety topics. You will learn about potential hazards, risk assessment techniques, effective safety protocols, and best practices to ensure the well-being of both care providers and service users.

By equipping yourself with this valuable information, you will be better prepared to identify and mitigate risks, promote a culture of safety, and contribute to the overall well-being of those under your care. Our training will empower you to confidently navigate various health and safety challenges, creating a safer working environment for everyone involved.

Together, let us enhance your awareness and understanding of key health and safety issues, enabling you to provide care with the utmost regard for the well-being and safety of those you serve.

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