Mechanical Ventilation for Patients with COVID-19


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This course is designed to equip certified non-ICU hospital general practitioners or clinicians with the necessary skills to assist ICU physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists in treating patients who require mechanical ventilation. With the rising number of COVID-19 cases and the development of pneumonia among patients, there is an urgent need for licensed medical professionals who can provide support in caring for these individuals. This course is specifically tailored for certified medical professionals and offers general information on mechanical ventilation and the various types of ventilatory support for COVID-19 patients.

It is important to note that patient needs and clinical care settings can vary significantly. Therefore, the information provided in this course should not be considered as medical advice for diagnosis or treatment. The use of mechanical ventilators should always be under the supervision of a qualified and licensed medical professional. It is crucial to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific device in use and refer to the product labeling for any administered medication. As medical professionals from diverse backgrounds and regions unite to combat the COVID-19 virus, it is crucial to share knowledge and resources. Preparing non-ICU hospital staff to assist in operating and utilizing mechanical ventilators strengthens our collective response to the virus, providing an additional source of support. Our patients rely on us. While respiratory therapists, physicians, and ICU nurses are experts in managing critically ill patients, the surge in patient numbers during these extraordinary times may surpass the available trained personnel. Therefore, it is imperative that we come together now.

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