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Our online “Tax Crash Course for Accountants in Business” is designed to refresh and update your knowledge of taxation fundamentals relevant to business in an interactive e-learning format.

During your professional accounting qualification studies, you likely covered taxation, examining different taxes in isolation and advising hypothetical clients. However, in the real world, clients are genuine, and tax regulations change rapidly. As a result, your tax knowledge may become outdated and a bit rusty.

A timely refresher

The primary objective of this online tax crash course is to offer you an update and refresher on the most current and essential tax considerations for accountants working in small to medium-sized companies (SMEs).

This online tax course serves as an excellent option for accountants seeking to fulfill their continuing professional development requirements, providing 4 CPD hours. Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate that can be verified for CPD purposes.

Stay up-to-date with tax regulations and confidently navigate taxation matters in your role as an accountant. Enroll in the Tax Crash Course for Accountants in Business and ensure you are well-prepared to handle the tax challenges faced by SMEs. The interactive e-learning format allows for a convenient and engaging learning experience, keeping you current and proficient in taxation matters.

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