Paradigms of Computer Programming – Fundamentals


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Welcome to Louv1.1x and Louv1.2x, where we provide a comprehensive introduction to major programming concepts, techniques, and paradigms within a unified framework. Our courses cover three main programming paradigms: functional, object-oriented, and declarative dataflow.

Our target audience includes individuals with a basic knowledge of programming. While these courses are most beneficial for beginning programming students, the unconventional approach we take can provide valuable insights even to seasoned professionals.

Louv1.1x focuses on fundamental concepts, where you will delve into functional programming, its techniques, and its data structures. Throughout the course, we employ simple formal semantics to illustrate all concepts, demonstrating them practically with code that runs on our open-source platform, the Mozart Programming System.

In Louv1.2x, we delve into data abstraction, state, and concurrency. You will explore the four ways to implement data abstraction and gain an understanding of the trade-offs between objects and abstract data types. Furthermore, you will be introduced to deterministic dataflow, an immensely useful paradigm for concurrent programming, and learn how it effectively avoids race conditions.

Whether you are just starting your programming journey or looking to deepen your understanding of programming paradigms, our courses provide a valuable learning experience. Join us and embrace this opportunity to expand your programming knowledge within a unified and practical context.

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