Pottery (All Levels)

Putney School of Art and Design

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New students can join any of the advertised courses at the start of each term. Every tutor will provide an induction to the pottery facilities including the studio and glaze room as well as demonstrate key methods of construction, and a range of decorating and glazing techniques.

Some tutors specialize in hand building and others in throwing and although you will be shown all the techniques as part of the induction process you might wish to specialize at a later date and your tutor can advise you about the most appropriate class.

Continuing students or students with experience, in discussion with the tutor, will have the opportunity to develop their own projects and areas of interest; this will include agreeing individual objectives and making a plan to achieve the outcomes.

You will be encouraged to record your ideas and track your progress by keeping notes and making sketches and photographic records. Your tutor will give you individual practical and technical support when required as well as encouraging you to refer to the work of ceramic artists and craftsmen and women.

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