Revit Architecture

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This comprehensive online course provides a solid foundation in Autodesk Revit Architecture. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of Building Information Modeling (BIM) concepts and learn to leverage the powerful tools available for parametric building design and documentation.

The course starts by familiarizing users with the essential features of Revit, gradually progressing towards more advanced topics such as schematic design, construction documentation, and design visualization.

Attendees will have the flexibility to access the training sessions online via the GoToTraining software. This interactive platform enables participants to view and listen to the trainer while simultaneously observing their screen.

Course Objective: The primary objective of this course is to introduce users to the principles of Building Information Modeling and equip them with the necessary skills to engage in parametric building design and documentation using Revit. By the end of the course, participants will be capable of successfully completing their first Autodesk Revit Architecture project.

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