Spanish – Intermediate – Module 2

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Course: Intermediate Conversational Skills

Welcome to our Intermediate Conversational Skills course! This program is designed to help you enhance your ability to confidently navigate conversations on topics that are familiar, personally interesting, and relevant to everyday life. Building upon the foundation established in previous language courses, this intermediate level course aims to expand your vocabulary and language skills, enabling you to express opinions and engage in discussions on a broader range of topic areas.

Throughout the course, you will delve deeper into various subjects such as family, hobbies, work, travel, and current events. You will develop the language proficiency to express your thoughts, share your experiences, and communicate your ideas with confidence. Our experienced instructors will guide you in acquiring new vocabulary, refining grammar structures, and improving your fluency, allowing you to engage in meaningful conversations and express your opinions effectively.

The topics and language functions covered in this course will be tailored to meet the needs of the learners at the B1 level. We understand that language learning is a dynamic process, and we strive to provide content that is relevant and engaging. By exploring a wider range of topics and language functions, you will have the opportunity to extend your vocabulary, strengthen your language skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the language and culture.

Embrace this opportunity to further develop your conversational skills and expand your language proficiency. Engage in lively discussions, express your thoughts, and broaden your understanding of the world around you. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore new topics, deepen our language skills, and enhance our ability to confidently communicate in everyday situations.

Note: This course is specifically designed for learners at the B1 level of proficiency.

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