Strategic Human Resources Management

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This course focuses on the strategic management of human resources (HR) to gain a competitive advantage for organizations. We will explore various strategic HR perspectives and their application in different business contexts.

Through lectures, discussions, and case analyses, we will examine models, structures, techniques, and processes for:

  1. Developing competitive HR strategies
  2. Translating strategy into operational plans that drive results and create value
  3. Strategic planning for workforce and learning & development
  4. Implementing value-added mechanisms
  5. Establishing meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  6. Using the Balanced Scorecard to monitor and evaluate HR performance
  7. Assessing return on investment (ROI)

By the end of the course, HR managers will have gained valuable insights into company strategy, enabling them to elevate the role of HR and assume a more strategic position within the organization.

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