The IDM Award in Data & Analysis

Institute of Data and Marketing

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Course Overview: The IDM Award in Data & Analysis is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the core principles, concepts, and practical applications of data and analytical techniques in digital and data-driven marketing. This qualification equips participants with the necessary skills to leverage data effectively and make informed decisions to drive marketing success.

Learning Objectives: Throughout the course, participants will develop the following competencies:

  1. Identifying Value, Risk, and Cost of Data:
  • Recognize the factors that contribute to value, risk, and cost in data used by the marketing department.
  • Understand how to evaluate and prioritize data based on its potential impact.
  1. Planning Data Collection and Management Strategy:
  • Develop a strategic approach to data collection, permissioning, and management within an organization.
  • Consider the ethical and legal implications of data collection and storage.
  1. Understanding the Role of Data in Marketing:
  • Comprehend the significance of data in driving marketing decisions and campaigns.
  • Evaluate the impact of data quality on marketing effectiveness.
  1. Creating an Effective Data Management Strategy:
  • Develop a comprehensive data management strategy that aligns with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Consider data governance, data architecture, and data integration approaches.
  1. Compliance with Legislation and Regulation:
  • Understand current and forthcoming legislation and regulations pertaining to data management.
  • Construct a data strategy that adheres to legal and regulatory requirements.
  1. Cultivating a Secure Data Management Culture:
  • Promote a culture of data security within the marketing department and across the organization.
  • Enable marketing innovation while maintaining data security and privacy.

By completing the IDM Award in Data & Analysis, participants will gain a solid foundation in utilizing data effectively within a marketing context. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement data management strategies, ensure compliance with regulations, and foster a secure data-driven marketing culture that promotes innovation and success.

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