The Prosecution of Individuals for Health & Safety Offences – Learn Live


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Understanding Liability and Mitigating Risk in Health and Safety Offences

In an ever-evolving legal landscape, it is crucial for practitioners and industry professionals to stay informed about the potential consequences of health and safety offences. While corporate fines have garnered significant attention, the sentencing guidelines also highlight the possibility of prison sentences for individuals involved in such offences. Moreover, the introduction of manslaughter guidelines underscores the need for comprehensive knowledge in this domain.

Join our live and interactive online seminar as we delve into the liability of directors, managers, and secretaries of companies under section 37 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. We will explore the individual liability outlined in section 7 of the same Act, discussing the range of health and safety offences for which individuals can be held accountable and the potential penalties they may face.

In this seminar, we will also address effective strategies to mitigate the risk of prosecution for health and safety offences at the individual level. Through engaging discussions and practical insights, you will gain a deeper understanding of your responsibilities and how to protect yourself and your organization.

Expand your knowledge and safeguard your professional reputation. Register for our live online seminar on Liability and Risk Mitigation in Health and Safety Offences today. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure compliance while minimizing the potential impact of legal implications.

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