UAL Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology (Game Design)

UXbridge College

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This course offers a full-time program spanning two years, with the additional option of studying a one-year Diploma. Throughout the duration of the course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about the structure and inner workings of the games and animation industries, as well as the various job roles available within them. You will actively engage in research and pre-production techniques that will play a pivotal role in shaping your expertise in character and environment artwork, 2D animation, 3D modeling and animation, audio production, storytelling, game design documentation, and the creation of fully-playable game prototypes. These skills will be developed using industry-standard software tools and practices.

During the initial year of the course, which focuses on the Diploma, you will be exposed to the following modules:

  1. Fundamentals of media processes and technical skills
  2. Introduction to design and research skills in creative media production
  3. Introduction to professional practices in creative media production
  4. Critical and contextual awareness
  5. Exploring the realm of audio production and technology
  6. Exploring the realm of visual production and technology
  7. Exploring the realm of interactive media production and technology
  8. Crafting a creative media production project

In the subsequent year, referred to as the Extended Diploma, the curriculum expands to include the following modules:

  1. Understanding the characteristics and contexts in media and communication
  2. Engaging effectively with the audience in creative media production
  3. Preparing for further advancement in creative media production
  4. Specialized study in the field of creative media production
  5. Undertaking an extended project in creative media production at Level 3
  6. Undertaking an extended project in creative media production at Level 4

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