Working from Home – Complying with Health & Safety Obligations – Webinar


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Promoting Safe and Healthy Home Working Practices

As per government guidance, prioritizing the safety and well-being of employees is paramount. If it is feasible for employees to work from home, it is strongly advised that they do so. It is important for employers to acknowledge that they have the same health and safety responsibilities towards home workers as they do for any other staff member.

Failure to adequately address the health and safety needs of home workers in risk assessments can result in scrutiny from regulators, potential employer liability claims, and even criminal sanctions under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to give due consideration to the safety of their remote workforce.

In this concise and informative webinar, we aim to stimulate thoughtful discussion and explore essential aspects that should be taken into account when considering home working arrangements. We will cover a range of key areas, including:

  1. Display Screen Equipment: Addressing ergonomic setup, screen positioning, and eye strain prevention measures.
  2. Fire Safety: Understanding fire hazards and implementing appropriate safety measures within a home working environment.
  3. General Health and Safety: Highlighting broader considerations such as electrical safety, trip hazards, and creating a conducive work environment.

Our goal is to provide practical insights and guidance to help employers ensure the health and safety of their remote workforce. By proactively addressing these key areas, organizations can promote a safe and productive home working environment.

Join our webinar to gain valuable knowledge and foster a culture of safety and well-being for your home-based employees. Together, let’s create a secure and supportive work-from-home environment.

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